The Eye of the Sommelier

Become confident in assessing wine and ordering for your friends and colleagues.

You do not need any experience or prior knowledge to take this course.

Local Wine Classes

Want to become more confident when talking about wine?

Need to improve your wine knowledge and/or your wine tasting and assessing ability?
Then join us in one of our Wine Masterclass!

Level 1

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On the Level 1, you will learn the history of wine, the winemaking process, the main grape varieties as well as the art of tasting.

Level 2

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On the Level 2, you will learn the sustainable winemaking process, the famous wine styles and the art of wine and food pairing.

Level 3

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On the Level 3, you will get to know all about Wine service and Wine etiquette. Get to know all the basics from how to hold your glass to how to open and serve wine.

For each Masterclass, you will have some wines to taste and it will be a Sommelier selection of Red, White and Sparkling.
We will provide you with a training manual and you will receive a certificate of participation at the end.
Levels 1&3 cost TT$ 630 per person, Level 2 TT$ 750.
We require a TT$ 100 to be paid prior to the course either via paypal, bank deposit or directly at our store (cash or card accepted).
There are classes schedule every month so you can check on our facebook page for the next ones.
Please note that we can schedule private session as well, for a minimum of 4 persons. You can aswell schedule the 3 level in one day.
For more information or to book a private session, do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.